What America’s ‘Blexit’ gets wrong about history – BBC News


It’s the latest political movement in the US – but what is ‘Blexit’?
The BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan and Anthony Zurcher explain what it gets wrong about the past and the present.

Video by Dan Lytwyn

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  1. Of course we "get it wrong." BBC is globally owned and managed. You all have the same "truth" and it's called lying. Makes me laugh that Hillary's mentor "Bird" who served in Democratic Party was a top person in the KKK when he served. You guys are the liars or tell "half truth." There is NOTHING that Blexit says that not accurate.

  2. Most of this does not even matter. What matters is – DO THE POLICIES OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY RESULT IN A NET POSITIVE FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY. No, they do not. They want to believe the answer is to give away more and more when REALLY, the answer is – now that you have your freedom and equality – you have to WORK for success. I see more and more black people making it happen for themselves and their families and THAT is why they are shifting Republican. They see that socialist/give away programs have tore their community apart.

  3. So Truman can change his views and it be okay but if a republican says anything he doesn’t agree with anymore it’s used as a cudgel till his dying day. The comforts of being a Democrat in the mainstream media

  4. BBC, not sure where you get your facts about the democratic shift to the other side, if that's the case, why werent more states in the South voting republican until here recently. Maybe because your facts are wrong and there never was a shift. Truman also gave his very reasoning for supporting blacks being segregated and receiving government aid…"We will have those n*****s voting Democrat for the next hundred years." This is a direct quote. Why is it that people like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were REPUBLICANS? Malcolm X said that he hated nothing more in the world than a white liberal with white guilt because their pity in and of itself is of racist ideology and origins. STICK TO YOUR SIDE OF THE POND. BBC HAS NO BUSINESS TRYING TO TELL PEOPLE THE HISTORY OF AMERICA! Especially when you flat out lie and skew facts to fit your globalist agenda. More and more black brothers and sisters are waking up to the lies, too. Maybe alone their votes wont mean much as the BBC so eloquently pointed out, but more people in general are waking up. With a lot of the world shifting towards more right leaning ideologies, you cant just pretend that those "numbers wont matter much." Remember those pesky polls that said 99 to 1 Hillary over Trump? Well, the sleeping giant known as "The Silent Majority" has awoken, and our voices WILL be heard.

  5. The Republicans voted at a higher percentage for the civil rights act than democrats. The switch didnt happen until 1980s with reagan and the argument was the southern strategy under nixon in the 1960s and it failed as the south voted for democrats and you can see this on the electoral maps. Way to make a false narrative bbc, but what do you expect from a place that's about to enact sharia.

  6. Boy talk about not picking and twisting. Couldn't deny what the dems did but had to some repubs that joined too? Bottom line…If it wasn't for Dem policies, we would not have needed a civil rights movement. She mentioned LBJ signing the bill but left out dems not supporting it.
    Blexit get ready….the Left media is coming.

  7. The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation is a f**king embarrassment and should be ashamed of itself.
    The Blexit movement is a positive step being taken by intelligent, rational black Americans fed up with the Democratic Party constantly portraying them as helpless victims. These people are trying to show that colour is not a barrier to making it in the US, that all Americans are equal and trying to unite all Americans. Yet the Bullshit BC wants to portray this as a negative. F**k Off
    Blexit people, keep up the great movement, you’re changing this leftist victim mentality not just for the US but the world. Love from a Brit

  8. Love the way you rewrite history to get what you wont! Facts be damned. You should be ashamed you yourselves. Johnson only signed it because the Republicans had enough votes to override his veto. So he signed the Republican bill into law.

  9. Nice video made by non black ok s… News flash it doesn't matter..
    The demsocrats have done nothing about black poverty therjail ore…if not working. Try something different. BLE X I T. AND BY THE WAY I U was MLK SEnior through JFK when blacks began voting Den…as a favor for getting MLK JR.out of jail so stop trying to blur the lines and kiss our black asses


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