The moment 4,500 tonnes of concrete is blown up in Italy – BBC News


Demolition experts have blown up what remains of the Morandi bridge in the Italian city of Genoa nearly a year after the structure collapsed.

Thousands of people were evacuated ahead of explosions to bring down two large towers consisting of about 4,500 tonnes of concrete and steel.

Forty-three people were killed when part of the bridge, and cars travelling along it, fell 45m (148ft) last August.

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  1. Casually waiting for the crusaderist white supremacist right wing extremists trolls of BBC comment section…and their Indian hindu right wing BJP extremist allies to blame islam for this too

  2. Don’t this this distract you from watching the BBC main headline of a guy called storm z crying at Glastonbury over his doggerel recital. I think many of us would be driven to do the same.

  3. I notice there’s two key explosions, the bridge and then an upward one from in front (right) of the bridge, creating what looks like a wall of water, am i right? Is that done to minimise the dust created? Also tons of water cannons being sprayed, more details please 🤓


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