Sudan: The people who survived June 3 – BBC News


Sudan’s military rulers have admitted that they ordered the security operation that led to the killing of at least 100 protesters last week.

Troops and government-backed militia groups moved into Khartoum, attacking protesters who were demanding a return to civilian rule, following the removal of former President Omar Al-Bashir.

The BBC’s Africa editor Fergal Keane has been talking to some of those who witnessed the violence in Khartoum.

Warning: Distressing images contained in this film.

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  1. All i see is people speaking of this horrific situation, people interviewing and speaking up about it. Yes, it helps when you want the world to hear about what is going on. But what is being done about it? Is it fear? Create something that’ll bring unity from everywhere and bring it to one place. From that you will take what once was yours.

  2. in every country there is a justice system that can listen and act on what this lady saying. file a case with your statement, to get justice, yes this can be achieved in Sudan. I believe this lady from Almahdi family. my massage is to her you know what you doing, do the right thing. Act on this case if you true…..or forever be quiet

  3. How's the Sudan so backwards. Former ex president Nimary dug the whole of Sudan death the downfall of an entire nation. Bashier found the opportunity to take the country by force with the intention of robbing the country dry with his cabinet without any mercy or regard to the public. strengthening the 1400 years ideology was the key of destruction of the Sudan. Utilizing religion to control a nation which demised the country morality to the core. Treating country original blood like animals the south of Sudan the true owners of the Sudan. Separation of the south and north. Original country people fled with their kids because they knew Sudan was no longer the future that will grow. foreigners flood Khartoum from every border. The country during Bushier ruling went back 1400 years. starvation, females had become prostitutes in order to eat and feed their poor families and became a practice in Khartoum. Unlimited taxation and thievery brought Khartoum down to its knees. Genocide was the element of bushier severe quest for Oil. The government of Bushier was a government of 1400 year ideology that destroyed all Africa and the middle East. As long as this ideology rules there is no future in Sudan. Military commanders are another Nimary and Bushier to further destroy the country.


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