Sky World News – Orangutans & Palm Oil


cockroach productions provides exclusive footage and interviews to SKY News in their orangutan special report. All feature footage property and copyright Cockroach Productions Orangutan Film Protection Project. Distributed with permission of SKY News.



  1. Another video mouthpiece for trade protectionism to destroy palm oil industry.
    "Our forests"? westerners do not own forest in Indonesia and Malaysia, you decimated yours since 1800s.
    A misplaced sanctimonious white-savior complex — an orangutan is more important than millions of brown human farmers.

    These white reporters are returning neocolonialists thus malicious economic saboteurs. Action must be taken against them, including immigration blacklist, court action and scrutiny on their funding.

    Orangutan will never extinct if you spend more time on its sanctuary, ecotourism — especially aggressive breeding and cloning, than badmouthing world's highest yielding crop: oil palm.

  2. Palm Oil production has become ecological hell. Greed has destroyed habitat plain and simple by 50%. That number is a cold hard fact…..Humans don't even care about each other, so why give a fuck about  an entire primate species.

  3. Recently the African Palm Oil Society sued French retailer SystemU for smear campaign against palm oil and won the case. The court ruled that the activists have no concrete evidence that orangutans are dying from palm oil. A lot of activists and green groups are using fake and self-made statistics about orangutans/rainforest and linking it to palm oil. One site says 12 orangutans die per day, another say hundreds a month killed by palm oil. These are made up numbers. The court ruled that these are unreliable biological data in a smear campaign against palm oil. Why? Palm oil produces 10x more oil than any European/American vegetable oil crop. Europeans are using activists to smear palm oil's name in the name of PROFIT.

  4. Your rude comments are yet to be deleted. It reminds me of how rude someone is… Give you 1 day to reconsider if you want to keep your word to retract your insensitive and rude statements.

  5. You displayed superior arrogance and disregard for other people's feeling by calling them "ignorant f#uck" and "swine" whenever you wish, and now when someone says your parents didn't teach you manners you feel it is insulting to you. Cry us a river please. You didn't even apologize to those you were rude to and you're telling them how you feel now? Your parents failed to bring you up properly. Go do yourself a favour, teach yourself some manners. Now you know what goes around comes around!

  6. You proclaim yourself "intelligent"? LOL. It's a big claim, when you call your fellow humans "ignorant fu$k" and "swine". Such language and behaviour only shows how limited your vocabulary is and how vulgar and degenerated your mind is. So you defend the orangutans while you condemn humans. You are an activist filled with hate and anger. You can't even spell "myself" and you used the word wrong. Dumb!

  7. A kangaroo doesn't have a life like an orangutan? You must be the dumbest ass in the world or the biggest hypocrite trying to pretend to be an environmentalist! Plus, your rude comments shows your parents didn't bring you up properly, pity.

  8. look here, you illiterate philestineous swine, your opinion for this is clearly as developed as your brain, so i suggest you go away, invest some money in a decent education, and stop yourself from taking up intelligent people, such as myself's time.

  9. The rich keep getting richer, animals and humans set in the middle and suck on it. Anything that gets in the way of profits must be dealt with. These guys didn't get rich by being nice and caring about animals, the environment or any lower forms of human life. The Indo government is just as corrupt as the American government. Just a bunch of whores who can be bought for the right price or profit edge. The UN will step when it's too late. Whores as well..

  10. All anti-palm oil campaigns are funded by the European Comission. They want to destroy the industry so that Europe can sell their rapeseed oil, canola oil. sunflower oil. European Commission has been paying millions to green groups each year to fight palm oil. DIrty trade war tactics! Shame on the Europeans, Americans and Australians, all these countries have canola/rapeseed/sunflower oil industry, jealous of palm oil

  11. Why is nobody making noise about the nearly extinct pandas? because no corporations stand to gain. They want to be against palm oil because western countries do not profit from palm oil.

  12. If deforestation is endangering the orangutans, why don't the Europeans condemn deforestation in general? Deforestations are not only caused by palm oil alone, but also by construction,development, industrialisation, agriculture, etc. Why aren't they anti-construction, anti-development, anti-farming, anti-industrialisation? No, they must target palm oil alone. This propaganda is just too obvious!

  13. In this International Year of Biodiversity, can the respective Ministers for the Environment of the world, champion their portfolios, band together and nut out some kind of 'Habitat for Land' deal? Similar to the Carbon Credits Scheme, eg an immediate feeze on Orangutan habitat for suitable land-lease or land-credits accross Australias top end…or any other country where palm oil can be sustainably grown? Will you be the courageous politician who goes down in history who saved the Orangutans?

  14. Do you know that those so-called anti-palm oil crusaders are using the same dirty tactics from soy oil members in 70's and 80's?

    This is pure hypocrisy. Vegetable oil do consume nature's land no matter what they are, so what made palm oil so different from others?


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