Rape and Abuse: the music industry’s dark side – BBC News


The Victoria Derbyshire Programme has been told by women in the music industry that abuse and harassment is “endemic” in the business, with “dangerous men” at the top abusing their power. They say there are occasions where people have been raped and assaulted, but encouraged to keep quiet. Here, four women speak out about their abuse and harassment for the first time, including “Amy”, who says she was groomed by her music manager when she was 15.
Produced and Reported by Jean Mackenzie
Shot, Directed and Edited by Benjamin Barfoot.

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  1. Can I just say I really don't agree with the 1st case and what a surprise alcohol was involved! My message to anyone unclear is don't buy or accept large amounts of alcohol when with a stranger ….

  2. If you're in the entertainment industry, I probably will find your #MeToo story to be insulting. I feel most of us who were actually assaulted while minding our own business at an actual job, not getting slammed with our bosses and inviting them back to our place would feel that this is not the same thing. We probably feel less sympathy for you because we were "doing everything right" we went to college, acted professionally, dressed appropriately and didn't count on our looks and sexuality to make out careers. We did all this and we were still assaulted. And y'all have the nerve to complain about men you either )partied with and invited back to your place or partied with and then lived with or agreed to date) then expecting sexual favors from you? Buyer's remorse is not sexual assault. If you wanted to be treated professionally, get in a professional industry and act professionally. While you're at it, I might suggest doing something with your life that doesn't involve selling your youth and beauty.

  3. No drinking and drugs at events and industry parties. As an artist, you are there to work. You are performing, networking and creating business. Let the Partiers party – you are on the business clock at industry gatherings. They can party – you are there to work.

  4. This is a power issue. Any time you give people this much control over the dreams of others, they have unreasonable leverage over them. Whether it's male teen aspiring actors, boy and girl singers, or women in Hollywood, it's about the power that others have. The solution is to reduce the power that individuals have but they will not give it up willingly. I think many many of their lives will have to be destroyed before it becomes so dangerous that others in their position seek their jollies like normal people do.

  5. Now I understand why some of Chlöe's music videos got deleted from YouTube, or, at least that's what I think, but either way, this is so wrong. It doesn't matter how it happened, sexual abuse/assault, rape, etc, all of that is awful and unacceptable, and the ones who do that must be punished.

  6. Thank you for covering this. I still only know a couple females who have not been raped, groped, or molested in their life. That means there are a lot of perpetrators out there. This is a worldwide problem, an assault against half the population. Every human on earth should be concerned about the safety of their mothers, sisters, and children at the very least. No one should just accept this problem.

  7. People in Mainstream Music are very abusive to Unsigned Artist that are not in Mainstream. In my strong opinion by American law, no Music Artist should be able to be in Mainstream after 10 years of first sign and major label release. They are a bunch of crooks. Why should 80s hair bands still be in the mainstream in 2018 and mainstream country artist from the 90s still be on CMT and country radio in 2018? If Americans knew of all the psychological damages that occur from the same select few people in mainstream, they would be quite upset!! I wonder if his name was Jon, Bret, Willie or, Steven C. Johnson?

  8. Women create rapists, it must be remembered that what people become is an outcome of what they have known. If a child has a Mother who he can't respect or who shows no affection then they have to learn what women are. Rapists are all of low IQ or genetically driven, they wouldn't do it otherwise, so they learn by breaking things in much the same women that women obtain goods by threat. Many women even direct their children to control by rape which is why sexual assualt committed by the police is rife.

  9. So many shit comments pulling in politics, misogyny, and blame. Can we not all feel sad that this is the culture we live in? We all play a part in making it better but if these comments are evidence of the thoughts and feelings at large we won't see any meaningful change in my lifetime.


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