Monster Hunter World News – DLC Collection + Huge Deal You Cannot Miss [MHW News]


Monster Hunter World News – DLC Collection + Huge Deal You Cannot Miss [MHW News]

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Hello everyone. My name is DarkHero and welcome to my channel, where I focus on providing you the best tips and guides for you to become a better Monster Hunter World Player as well as Monster Hunter World News about Monster Hunter World New Weapons Monster Hunter World New Armor and Monster Hunter World New Monsters / Monster Hunter World DLC Monsters .

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  1. I went and started playing monster hunter generations ultimate. I love the art style and sheer amount of content compared to mhw but i miss alot of the QOL stuff mhw has. Really hoping the next monster hunter is a culmination of the two

  2. Woah! Absolutely useless micro transaction DLC! Can't wait to not use any of those gestures, stickers etc! Maybe one or two of the handler costumes is okay, but BOY, those hairstyles are TOP OF THE LINE STUFF THAT I HAVE NO USE FOR. I honestly can't see why anyone would pay $20+ for all that crap. And then there's the fact that this is one of those "giveaway" channels. Jesus christ Youtube really has gone to shit when so many fucking channels pull crap like this.

  3. I really wish they'd just release premium layered armors so we can support the game and obtain something good at the same time rather than stickers, gestures and handler costumes, or at least release some alongside those. It kinda bothers me that they haven't done that yet tbh especially with the very limited layered armor options which mostly look ugly.

  4. Not much really worth it at MH DLC in a time everyone enter a hunt and act like it can't end soon enough. I only got 2 dance gestures until now and I only had 2 chances to use it to full effect during the first Kulve Siege. Neverthless, can't wait for iceborne.

  5. Love when you released the updates 🙂 i havent played my MHW in steam a long time 🙂 love your videos :* and also i love your top 10 scary monster hunters 🙂

    keep it up bro!!


    Im still HR 36 but i hope ill get a new pc


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