Leading children’s charity cuts ties with influential transgender activist – BBC News


Leading children’s charity NSPCC has cut ties with Munroe Bergdorf, one of the UK’s most influential transgender activists.

Three days later, she says she is still in the dark about why it happened.

In a statement, the NSPCC said Ms Bergdorf “has supported the most recent phase of Childline’s campaign which aims to support children with LGBTQ+ concerns” but she would have “no ongoing relationship with Childline or the NSPCC”.

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  1. Why do M t F transgender women like this person present themselves in a hyper feminized way that is a caricature of women? Caitlyn Jenner to name another one. They look like strippers or sex workers!

    They never wear causal women's clothing like Levis or a T shirt. It''s as if THEY"RE the ones REINFORCING media stereotypes of constrictive gender stereotypes and roles that they complain about?

    When they present themselves as being for "change "they are reactionaries. I've never been a very feminine woman. My Mother acknowledged her mistake in trying to force me to become one.

    Why is it that people on the right are fighting for free speech and those on the left and far left want to trash the 1st amendment in the name of "freedom?" Whose freedom? Political Correctness is a religion that people worship at the altar of.

    Men are losing but women are losing big time ! Women only safe spaces are a thing of the past. The destruction of female-ness has been underway for awhile. With men becoming women and women becoming men. It is not the other way around for males. Tomboys are becoming an extinct species. People don't like ambiguity. It still comes down to: you want to dress like a boy, you are a man. You want to dress girly- you must become a woman. Tomboys are boyish girls and women who are titillating to both men and women because both men and women are attracted to them.

    Has anyone else noticed she didn't chose a name like "Natalie Henderson" or something like that. She CHOSE a stripper name that is a complete stereotype of women!

    Munroe=Monrose, Bergdorf=an expensive women's clothing store that caters only to wealthy women. who live to shop. I fell very put off by this person and insulted. How is she really that different from a drag queen?

    Being trans is very trendy. It's like getting a tattoo or a lip piercing. I want to have that much more attention and I'm really confused so I'll change sex! Most teens grapple with confused thinking around gender. THAT'S NOT SOMETHING NEW!!! Does anyone remember the '80s? It was a time of huge androgyny. No one was that freaked out by it.

  2. A child has a underdeveloped prefrontal cortex hence they are not capable of making major decisions on their own, in Canada we have laws that do not allow children under the age of 19 to drink alcohol because we agree as a society that they cannot make the same logical choices as adults…what I see and hear the TRANs activists saying in essence is that " Whatever a child wants or chooses to do we should allow them to…does that also mean if they want to drink alcohol, do drugs, run into traffic, drive a vehicle , go to nightclubs and on and on??? This is ridiculous, what is our society becoming? I made some really bad decisions when I was 14 and wanted to do alot of stupid things that THANK GOD my parents didnt allow me to do! Thank you Mom and DAD!!!!

  3. Is anyone surprised how someone already suffering from one major delusion cant fabricate a narrative where again HE is the victim,.
    I say he as whatever you tell me that is a man with gender dysphoria, not a woman ffs

    I also love how any of these SWJS always like to say its minority groups facing the most hardship, the white male gets it best etc whilst ignoring the fact that the white male in briatin is almost 40% less likley to go to uni than their asian counterparts

  4. If some guy wants to have his genitals mutilated to superficially approximate that of a female, and pop endless hormone pills to try and stop facial hair growth and increase voice pitch: fine. Who the fuck cares? As long as the weirdo is paying for the "treatment". But it does not make him a woman. And it does not make him special or entitled to money or respect.

  5. When you get to 18 you can decide a whole host of things. But as a father, I do not tolerate my children in delving deep into psychological black holes that lead to all kinds of places that even adults find scary. I am okay what my children choose to do and be, but I do believe that there is too much political correctness around how parents should bring their to children up. Stick to neutrality and rather than put labels on ideas and behaviours, simply support your child to be thoughtful as to why they have feelings and ideas.

    There is loads of time in adulthood to redefine who and what you are.

    Let us all let children be children and stop making issues like this a media and commentary attraction.

  6. Let me clarify, because the BBC is full of bullshit as always. Munroe Bergdorf was fired because she broke child protection protocols on numerous occasions. She believed she was reaching out to children via social. That's against the rules. I worked with children in a voluntary capacity for almost 20 years. You are not allowed to have contact with them via social media. You are not allowed to approach them in the street. You cannot even acknowledge them unless they approach you. If I'd done what she did, not only would I have been instantly dismissed I'd have ended up on a register as a risk to children. It's not transphobia. She's a selfish, self obsessed moron who is lucky people waste time on her. Good old BBC, whose Oxbridge graduates are still pretending to be inclusive.

  7. She’s a walking talking disaster. Her recent history is littered with poor judgment and shocking outpouring of bitterness.
    She will continue to blame everybody for her own failings. Lessons never learnt.

  8. stay away from our kids, BBC should never be allowed near kids, how meany children have been raped by the BBC? how meany Peadophiles have been defended by the BBC? so what's the motive off the BBC here, to get at our children. THE BOYS BUGGERING CLUB THE BBC. Jimmy Savile was the tip of the BBC iceberg more being covered up by the BBC. Scum in suits

  9. At no point does this report mention why Bergdorf was dropped by the NSPCC. And that reason was because Bergdorf was asking vulnerable young kids to contact her personally. This is a breach of NSPCC rules – rules that apply to everyone who works with the NSPCC, no matter who they are. Because the NCPCC's first concern is the children it works with. Not Munroe Bergdorf.

  10. She is so obviously lying through her teeth, pretending she knows absolutely nothing. This has NOTHING to do with her gender, whatsoever. Why not? Because the FACT of the matter is: the NSPCC already knew about her gender from day 1. What they didn’t know or expect to be confronted with, was the unexpected safeguarding issue that arose from the new discovery that she had posed naked for Playboy. Stop reframing a safeguarding issue & making it ALL about yourself, please. Faking/abusing the accusation of transphobia to further your own career. BBC should be shamed & very ashamed indeed. Instead of interviewing/reporting hatred against people with disabilities, the BBC is inventing & faking ‘hatred’ where there is none in this particular case [unlike the recent forced-to-kiss bus passengers’ genuine case]. Shame on the BBC. 🧐


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