Is Mexico SAFE ? Mexico CRIME, Immigration & Politics In World News

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Is Mexico SAFE ? Mexico CRIME Immigration & Politics In World News

20178 Is It Safe In Mexico ? Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Sayulita, Lo de Marcos, Retiring
Retiring In Mexico, Moving To Mexico, Living In Mexico, Is It Safe?
We have moved to Mexico why did we decide to move to Mexico?
Why are foreigners moving to Mexico?
Retiring in Mexico? Thinking of retirement in Mexico? One of the best places to retire is Mexico, Best weather in the world is in Mexico
More foreigners, Americans and Canadians are living in Mexico. One of the main reason The cost of the expense of living in Mexico, Mexico is a travel budget destination. Americans can live in Mexico on American Sosa security and the budget travelers can live there on their retirement.
A lot of ex patriots and baby boomers from Canadians are moving to Mexico along with Americans and other foreigners move to Mexico because it’s so affordable.
Americans live and retiring in Mexico because it’s so close and they can easily return back to the United States is it by driving or taking a plane. Jerry Brown Travels
is it safe to travel to Mexico


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Our personal story
My wife Lori and myself sold our home and our business in Hawaii and in 2006 we became the homeless millionaires. Our goal was to travel around the world and
“living the good life” are basic philosophy is
Fly First Class but PAY Coach Price ”
.We have enjoy our world tour of 35 countries in the last 25 years. In 2012 we returned back to the big Island of Hawaii and bought a small cottage. For 2 Years we using Hawaii as our home-base.
We now have moved to Mexico and using Mexico is our home-base as we continue to travel around the world.
We have been asked by our friends to start this YouTube channel blog to share our experience and give some tips on budget travel.

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  1. Thank you so very much for making this video. I'm seriously considering a move to Mexico (from Canada). Your perspective – and the interviews – are helpful and enlightening. Thanks again. !Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you for responding to my inquiry about housekeeping. When you rent, is it like the US, in that you pay a security deposit, first month rent, and last month. Is there someone I can contact about the availability of rentals in Ajiic, Lake Chapala area? I am on a pension of close to $4,000. I speak Spanish, and love the culture.

  3. I'm thinking Sayulita, I believe it will be my first stop on my Mexico tour. I would house rental shop more north…"Cooler high elevations. I've been to Cancun and Cozumel and there I got Montazumas revenge. I survived but it was baaaad! My tip is bring medication from you Doctor with you if accidentally drinking the water. I don't know why we U . S folks get sick, hopefully one would adjust as the Mexicans all have. 👍🏻😏😅

  4. Here's something I don't understand, if it's really safe why do I see so many homes and businesses with metal reinforcements (steal bars) on doors, gates, windows, etc. What's up with that?

  5. America have many cities that have increased crime rates and yiu cant walk the street with someone. Even having support on your side you can still encounter problems. Citie like Boston, Chicago, Jacksonville, Florida, and New Jersey are just a few. Crime is ever where and people should certainly be watchful anywhere you go. I feel crime in Mexico have been beefed up to keep People from leaving America. Take precautions and not do what you wouldn't do in the states.

  6. I like Mexico, the weather, beautiful culture friendly people, and very social society.
    However, the media may exaggerate about crimes which are happening everywhere. Use your best educate judgment. Yes, it is a good place, cheap living.
    I hope the world open without borders, no visa, and create only one GOVERNMENT….

  7. I've toured most of Mexico and often with teenagers in tow and haven't experienced problems; however, sometimes if you go alone in border towns and hang out at bars you'll occasionally have an issue, too, so it's best to travel with people – family or friends – to avoid being a victim. In Puerto Vallarta, where I frequent, I took the dog out at 3AM and a punk kid threatened me for pesos, but the dog did her business and saw this punk – she's a 8 mos. old dog and chased him over a block away. Often, I confront people if they are rude like blocking the road or something – I usually win even with limited Spanish and they like you better if you are firm and politely interact with them. Most significantly, many love telling me their stories – often, people you meet have been in the USA legally or illegally and love to tell their stories, so I enjoy a perspective by viewing life from both sides.


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