India Jains: Why are these youngsters renouncing the world? – BBC News


Hundreds of young people belonging to India’s Jain community have begun renouncing the material world to become monks who always walk barefoot, eat only what they receive as alms and never bathe or use modern technology. The BBC’s Priyanka Pathak explores why.

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  1. Young Kid Guru Commands " I Obey " then you has Mum making him stronger.
    How much does it cost ?

    To Steal from a Kid his Childhood & Precious the Daughter unable to make Eye Contact no more Hugs XXs for Father.

    the Night Watch not even they come so Cruel.

  2. Religion is for fools, religion kills more people than any other calamities. When you are born as a human being, you must leant as to be a best human being to help your fellow species.

  3. Sikhism is the best religion in my consideration as it teaches mankind, humanity service to nature and respect and protection of poor and sacrificing oneself in protection of poor and truth in a practical way and not like this superstition of Hinduism and Jainism..
    I am myself a Hindu Jat from Haryana and I think Sikhism is best religion in the world..
    They also feed the poor and sacrifice their lives for truth and poor and always are humble and gentle people…and they also believe in one timeless formless God 'Akaal' and consider human life as important and dont believe in suicide and becoming monk like other religion do..they remain connected with the world and do service to mankind..Sikhism is the Best
    Waheguru Ji

  4. It's better for them to live in forests along with tribals those are much better than these people and the house or temple whichever they are going to stay is built after cutting down trees that's also impact… Eat nothing be good😂

  5. अगर मैं कहूं तो जैन धर्म ही दुनिया में एक ऐसा धर्म है जो समाज के साथ तालमेल नहीं बिठा सकता इसमें पैदा होते ही अहिंसा और शरीर त्यागने की भावना इस हद तक सिखाई जाती है कि जिसे हम रोक नहीं सकते आप कुछ भी कर ले आप हिंसा करेंगे ही आप अगर सांस मिले रहे हैं तो उसमें भी कई सारे जीव जंतु मर रहे हैं तो क्या हम सांस लेना बंद कर दें उन्होंने अहिंसा सिखाई पर जो लोग हिंसा करते हैं उन्होंने उनसे निपटने का तरीका नहीं बताया सबसे ज्यादा कायरता पूर्ण और बकवास धर्म है जैनों का

  6. The Jains community is an impressive lot. Their lifestyle has produced many accomplished and impressive people. Won many awards. One commentator mentioned that they are odd, but to each their own way of lives. None of us can judge anyone of us. Im non Indian btw. Go research about the Jains if you don't believe.

  7. You have to give it to bbc for misinterpreting something as pure, spiritual and holy as Jainism and portraying it as some barbaric cult. Seems like old habits die hard bbc,still sore from the fact that u lost India 70 yrs ago ,never have I seen such a desperate excuse for a media platform.

  8. Their way of life is saving the planet. However I think anyone below the age of 18 should not be allowed to take such an important decision on their own.

  9. I'm the same but want a beneficial et type existence. Indigenous people are the true peoples not the stupidity of white people. Bless them cause sre they are right. Everything is aware and responsive to the person's life


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