How Hong Kong got trapped in a cycle of violence – BBC News


Hong Kong has been seized by escalating protests in recent months. Police and protesters have now found themselves locked into a spiral of provocation. Is there any way out?

Video by Tessa Wong.

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  1. Keep spreading this wonderful news. It just shows how (1) annoying and obstructing the presence of the press are while the police are attempting to regain law and order. (2) how illegal and devastating the actions are from the protesters. You think that the shit they left will clean themselves up??
    These officers could have been at home with their families, instead they are willing to sacrifice their safety for the sake of their city.
    How disrespectful and shameless of all the negative media. This is not police brutality, this is POLICE AT WORK. Preserving law and order. Police brutality….hahaha compared to the riot police in the west, these officers have been saints. Count yourselves lucky, ignorant rioters/protesters.

  2. Shame on you BBC. Fake news … British trying to rob and steal other country’s peace again. HK people are suffering so much because of the riots that the British had secretly organized with these rioters. Then BBC use media to lie to everyone that these are peaceful protestors. As HK citizens, the world needs to know … these are not protestors… they beat woman, elders, even block kids from going home. These people are criminals organized by the western world. That’s why they carry British and American flag. This is all because China stood up to US when they bully us in the trade war. They are big bullies and pretentious to be the good guys reporting the news.

  3. So the British is trying to use BBC to poison public opinion again. Why didn’t BBC show how these protestors are actually rioters who hurt innocent HK people and destroy public infrastructure. The local HK people call these protestors … mafia and gangsters, not protestors!

  4. Please stop believing the BBC. The BBC is the most lying media in the world. Their cameras are always on law-enforcement police, not thugs. They turned a blind eye as the rioters disrupted the established order in Hong Kong. The us is trying to turn Hong Kong into a second Ukraine. America is not the world's policeman. America's favorite scenario is when other countries are at war

  5. The 'I luv China comments' starter pack:
    'what about the opium war'
    'what about Brits killing Indians'
    'fake news nyt wapo cnn fox bbc msnbc bloomberg abc'
    'cia ned western country funded'
    'free northern ireland, free catalonia (but not taiwan)'
    cost: 0.49c

  6. Algerian folks really deserve Nobel Peace Prize. Millions in the streets , all over major cities in the country every friday, and none single fatality nor any sort of damage what so ever , even streets are cleaned up after protests by brave young volunteers !

  7. They’ve got so much intel’ attention already. Much more than yellow vest in France, antifa in US, north Ireland of UK. However, with so much intel’ attentions called them protesters, what they have done in HK are actually violence. Nearly 200 cops were hurt, two travelers were beaten to unconscious in HK airport, several shops were broken, lots of public facilities were destroyed.


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