Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to withdraw extradition bill- BBC News


Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has said she will withdraw the controversial extradition bill which triggered months of protests.

The proposal, introduced in April, would have allowed criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland China.

The bill was suspended in June when Ms Lam called it “dead”, but she stopped short of withdrawing it.

Full withdrawal is one of five key demands of protesters, who are also calling for full democratic rights.

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  1. Calling the rioters as pro democracy and peaceful protesters means acknowledging such violence acts. Wear mask, set fire, sabotage airport, subway and transportation system, attack police ,attack house of common will back fire in future. It teach British and American the way to conduct violence in protesting in future.

  2. How many wars, how many people has been killed, how many families has been destroy with the name of democracy, freedom and human right? Does this bunch of plotters has basic human conscience???

  3. Shame on this plot to use young students and teenages for their own agenda. China should not respond to the trap of US and UK. If hongkis choose to destroy their own future. They have to be accountable for their future. Sad that the world is still as unjust as in the past. Does Chinese reserve to be suppress, killed and bullied as what happened since 1840s. Where is the surviving right of Chinese???

  4. Look at the unbias rating of Hong Kong including the freedom rating. It all surplus the rating of US and UK. Why can't the whites accept the world don't belong to the west, but belong to all mankind. Why must you guys have to destroy others simply they are not of your kind? How God words teach you guys. Shame on you.

  5. No country will tolerate the terrorist violence as what the rioters in Hong Kong did. Is common strategy of US and UK to brain wash people to achieve their hidden Agenda. Look at what happen to those countries as so called asmrab spring. You guys are the worst terrorist on earth. God bless you.

  6. Shame on your bias and totally against the ethics of all journalism to call the terrorist like violence in destroying public assets, ignore public freedom, use if deadly weapon, attack public, police, parliament….this you call it pro democracy and peaceful protesters. Speak from your heart, how will the police respond to this bunch of rioters in UK???

  7. Last couple months, i had had this decision to plan out a new territory for a second chances orientals. But the investment is really tough, it is like looking for money to start a new family, then child rearing, schools, education, municipal courts, etc. Well, i hope everybody will be having breakfast and dinner as usual.

  8. Hong Kong is not China. The most important demand is the promised real autonomy, real One country Two systems, not a puppet Hong Kong government. Three days passed since her statement and suppression continue.


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