Fake News & Post Truth: How world changed in 2016 – BBC News


Last Christmas David Cameron was 7 months into a 5-year term as prime minister of a Conservative government. Donald Trump was 6 months into his campaign for the US presidency and still seen as a maverick candidate with no chance of success. Syria was in turmoil. And then 2016 happened. Syria still in turmoil but the other political realities turned upside down amid much talk of fake news — and post-truth politics. In first of a series looking at how the world changed in 2016 here’s our special correspondent Allan Little.

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  1. The truth will set you free.. what is the truth? Understanding the purpose of life and how we as individuals fit into it. Do your research – John 8:32. Recognize God's son and his position and purpose in relation to his father.

  2. BBC "journalists" are really agents of foreign influence and should be treated no differently than spies which no doubt at least half of them are.  Everyone knows that MI6 uses BBC Journalists as their cover because they can get into places in their role as journalists that would be otherwise difficult to get into.

  3. Most of the fake news spoof sites can be traced to the DNC ….. who marry them to sites like breitbart and infowars , ( gate keepers) …..so poison the well… the bullshit goes very deep….. There is barely any real news apart from you tubers with less than 15k subscribers. You might have imagined a dystopic future where everyone is dumbed down like the " Minions" but that future is here. You are living in it…and refuse to see.

  4. Most Americans receive their news from corporate propaganda-outlets. Blame that for influencing the election instead of focusing on extremely small websites that even an idiot can realise is bullshit.

  5. Yeeah. Getting all your information from one source, a "common square" is waaaaay better for democracy than having a medium where everyone can share their opinions and ideas. This seems to be the old media wanting to keep hold of power by trying to tell people that having them is better for democracy.

    Okay, echo chambers on the internet are bad, I'll admit that. But I hardly believe they're worse than having a few huge news organizations, most of whom aren't exactly unbiased as much as they try to say they are, controlling 90% the information.

  6. the bbc constantly shows us pooor immigrants refugees. free loading 3rd worlders. well wake up bbc your suppose to report the story. not write it and direct it push it down our throats..your experts told us about weapons of mass destruction. lie. you told us about the benefits of immigration diversity multiculturalism a lie you told us about the effects of leaving european union a lie you told us about the pound falling because we wanted to leave the eec. lie pound fell because carney and the goverment started printing money. lies all lies you told us about our moral duty to help other races and our tradition of helping other people another lie. we owe no one anything boycott the bbc

  7. the BBC has falsified news since it started broadcasting its a propaganda machine for the jewish left goverment of the UK and the ruling elite.
    lets take the BBC reporting from allepo we seen the same pictures of destruction and death day after day. this morning we see pictures from the centre of allepo. people out celebrating the end of the siege. no damage or destruction of buildings to be seen. just people out having a good time. they all looked healthy and happy. we see were a morta had hit the ground. claims it just missed civilians. no bodies or hospital scenes i dont watch the bbc propaganda news anymore. just RT News

  8. Welcome to the BBC. The channel with an anti-British, pro-globalist, Islamic, communist theme running all the way through it. It is the epitome of fake news and has the nerve to criticize other news sites.

  9. What brain washing rubbish lol Don't patronize us like this BBC we are not simple minded and well able to multi check anything we don't know on the INTERNET UK people are equal to people in USA not inferior gullible Souls .

  10. oh the bbc had to have a final swipe at Trump with the Pope endorsing Trump story, how about reporting on the real news like the content of the clinton emails instead of accusing a state of hacking them to divert attention away from the truth.

  11. Thank you for talking about this, yes it is truly a massive problem right now and we need to shut these fake news outlets down immediately. Let's start with BBC News. Confirmed 100% FAKE.


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