Clare Hollingworth: Breaking the news of World War Two – BBC News


Clare Hollingworth, the veteran British war correspondent who broke the news of the Nazi invasion of Poland, has died in Hong Kong at the age of 105. Hollingworth, who was born in Leicester in 1911, was the first to report on the invasion that triggered the outbreak of World War Two. She went on to report from Vietnam, Algeria and the Middle East.

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  1. I’m proud to say Clare was my relative. One whom I sad to say I didn’t even know about TIL a few weeks ago. I feel honoured to share the same name Clare which means” light”. I feel I want to take her life as an inspiration for my life.. not sure how yet but I pray she will guide me…. 🤝🙏🕉 She was the First Lady in the West to talk with the Shah of Iran both before and after his downfall. The first person to report that the Second World War had begun….I’m very proud of her.

  2. It all seems a bit too convienient that she just so happened to be in Germany at the time. Who was really funding her and why did she seemingly go so far out of her way just to broadcast what was clearly propaganda to the masses, and whilst never even once lifting a finger to help any of the "worthless peasants" she was apparently living amongst.


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