China celebrates 70 years of communist party rule – BBC News


China is hosting lavish events to mark 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

On 1 October 1949, Mao Zedong – or Chairman Mao – announced the formation of the PRC, after communist forces won a bloody civil war.

Modern China has since developed at an extraordinary pace, but it has also one of the world’s most restrictive states.

But the celebrations were overshadowed as thousands took to Hong Kong streets, with some violent clashes breaking out.

Police fired tear gas and made arrests as people blocked roads, as they protested against what they say is increasing control by Beijing over the territory’s society and politics.

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  1. Brexit will celebrate 70yrs of zionist grip on what people think is a 'democracy', yet supports violent rioting in hong kong. Lets talk about how UK calls violence, a 'pro democracy protest'. Lol

  2. They will be the new leader of the world. They dont have the citizens fighting with each other. Liberals are giving their countries away to immigrants and destriying their values and morals.

  3. Good for China 🇨🇳.
    At least they didn't sell their sovereignty to the highest bidder.. >🇪🇺 <…….
    The BBC reporting on propaganda is so hypocritical… In fact the BBC could probably celebrate 70 years of their propaganda manipulation programme.
    Britain also has a great military and defence industry with the British Army, SAS, Mi6, Royal Navy and Airforce but the BBC would be happy to hand all over to a foreign club……..
    With all European countries mindlessly handing over their military to the control of the unelected EU club you couldn't blame China 🇨🇳 for wanting to develop their own defence.
    The next world war will be created by the EU and media companies like the BBC will blame everyone else.


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