Brexitcast: May offers to go but the DUP say ‘NO’! – BBC News


What next for Brexit? Our BBC Radio 5 live Brexitcast podcast is now here on YouTube!

In today’s episode, Theresa May says she’ll quit if Parliament passes her deal but Arlene says she isn’t up for it.

What does this mean for Brexit? Laura Kuenssberg, Katya Adler and Adam Fleming from the BBC’s Brexitcast team are here to explain all.

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  1. Disgusting how the Sectarian Bigots of the DUP now tell May what to do. She will bribe them with another billion. The DUP only care about money and their narrow minded hate. They care nothing for the people of N Ireland.

  2. With respect, Mrs. May hotting up up for a fourth showdown after comparisons between indicative votes and Withdrawal deal cancel each other out. -Predictably 4th vote on around Fridayish after terror 'no deal' tactics are employed to soften up the already confused MPs.

  3. Tete a tete between Katya Adler and Adam-quite cozy really. Laura there too. DUP not keen for May resignation in Committee Room 14. Switchers like Boris, Ian Duncan Smith, Raab, Rees Mogg etc! No change!

  4. I'm a european citizen and I find it quite wierd that today, nobody seams to take the responsability for brexit, because the financial world worned about a huge recession coming ahead… uk's parlamient is afraid of the decision of their own people

  5. Sure, she had a good paying job, made it even to PM, got her retirement together, why should she worry with them others, she wants to go home, & leave them to them self, but not without broken glass, like the PM before : "another rat leaving the sinking ship".

  6. The happy Brexit-Show must go on! This is not Britain. This is even not the UK! But I think this is the End of a country that was in the past a great Nation with a Parliament but this Nation is gone, disappeared in the House of Chaos and disaster and Idiots. The tragedy for Britain. Today I would advise the British people: Forget the Brexit and you a great Nation again! But cherry-picking is not an option! And Brexit or a Brexit Deal is always Cherry-picking! This makes the UK not great!🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  7. Claim1: Political parties are the new opium with which citizens are controlled (to paraphrase Marx) Claim 2: Plutocrats have seized control of all mass media and political parties; there are no longer either free media or competitive elections. By controlling all mass media, plutocrats manipulate public opinion, control the selection process of almost all politicians , and have made politicians indifferent to the quality of legislation: the latter get elected by manipulating ignorant citizens, not by promoting common good

    Policies & laws benefit only very small and constantly shrinking elites of plutocrats, and marginally their servants (politicians and journalists). The failure of competitive elections produces ever more inefficient governments, advancing very specific interests while shifting all the costs to the country (social dumping: via relocation of production and services; tax avoidance : via tax havens like Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands; salary dumping: via mass immigration; and so on):

    Claim 3: Failing to implement the majority decision on brexit leads rational brexit voters to conclude that the “majority rule” & the “sufficient equality of all citizens” rule have been violated. Indeed Brexit voters have been treated as inferior, second class citizens: therefore the current institutional setting is undemocratic and without legitimacy, on a path towards full blown dictatorship.

    Claim 4: The “democracy contract” no longer being in force, one has no duty to obey collective decisions. Rational brexit voters can practise all forms of civil disobedience, including for example not paying taxes, nor BBC licence fees

  8. I'm not a misogynist but, the last women who was in charge of this country (Margaret Thatcher) nearly bankrupted it and she put millions out of work, she shut down a highly profitable coal industry, doesn't make sense does it?

    Now Teresa May is dragging down this country, making a mess and mockery of Brexit. She should have never been allowed from our last women disaster.

    Put Bojo incharge and leave the EU with no deal #WTO.

  9. May resigns – gets EU job? EU gave Tony Blair job advising on climate change, so instead of planting trees, same old ripping up hedgerows that destroyed wild birds – stiffy carbon Trader jobs for expensive Duffers.

  10. The referendum was about exit not about "getting a deal? Unacceptable switch of mandate from British people. I'm a remain who respects the democratic vote. MPs must go well above and beyond their super egos, woeful selfserving dysfunctional behaviours. These lot in the house of commons have managed to make anarchists look attractive to my conservative eyes.

  11. Ding dong the Euro's dead , the Euro's dead. Ding Dong the wicked E.U. is dead. Brexit is just theatre , a big orchestrated production to distract everyone from Israeli elections, and allowing time for the Euro to fade. Italy /China is the end. I expect NATO to replace Italy with Russia in the future. /// Times are changing.

  12. The EU would love much more to negotiate with Jeremy Corbyn and Kier Starmer. They're far more reasonable and quite great to deal with and their plans are far more realistic and less damaging to the economy in general. Who would want to deal with a Tory after the whole whole Brexit debacle so far? I mean you have to be realistic and smell the roses at some point. Even a couple of Conservatives have done so by indicating they are backing Ken Clarke's proposal for a customs union. You know, the Father of the House, who basically said in defence of his motion that it was to bring together the 52 and the 48 but also said his proposal was a sensible direction that was deliberately 'unfinished' but a good basis to build on and to be negotiated further on. That motion was more popular than Corbyn's, but it would be a good stepping stone for it. And it seems that several Conservatives had no problem at all backing Ken Clarke's motion, but were very weary about getting caught voting for Corbyn's. Although there was one single noteworthy Conservative who did vote for Corbyn's proposal: that very Ken Clarke, the Father of the House. That in itself is a very interesting dynamic. Certainly on the day that the PM is selling of her hed on a plate in order to get a few votes more. But it shows how bad the situation has gotten: the reasonable Tories now have to basically admit without actually admitting it that Labours plan only has 5 votes less than the PM's, but with almost everyone else trying to be against Corbyn and his plan (and maybe for the best that he got 5 votes less or he would have put her to a complete shame). However, when Ken Clarke is making the proposal, it seems okay forTories to be seen voting for something that goes in the same direction (even though Corbyn's plan does give some say which has already been discussed and felt out as a possibility with the EU). But then this was only the first round, and we didn't yet go into the abstainers who might still be convinced or the noes that still might turn. That's a very interesting picture.Nobody wants to admit it and so many hate it, but Corbyn is sitting on the solution. It's no wonder that all of a sudden May is trying to get Labour MP's over to support her withdrawal bill alone without a political declaration. And to be honest, the real question is why she doesn't announce a GE? At this point she has lost any credibility in the UK and the EU, but so have most of the Tories.


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