Brexit vote: Will MPs back PMs deal in Commons? – BBC News


It’s now up to MPs to make the next move on Brexit.

With a so-called ‘meaningful vote’ in parliament next week, they have to decide whether to back the deal the prime minister has negotiated with the EU.

But it’s looking increasingly likely that they’ll say no to Theresa May’s plans.

Our political correspondent Leila Nathoo explains.

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  1. We are leaving on March 29. Then we are rejoining again one second later under Theresa Mays proposals and readmitted as a new category of passive member. So in reality we aren't leaving at all because we are rejoining immediately upon leaving. Once we rejoin the one second later we are no longer an  independent country  and lose all say and would have to have another vote to leave before we became self-governing. Its not a deal, its readmission as a new member!

  2. With the recent ruling of the European court in mind, I can tell you the following how the events will most likely unfold. There is zero chance a (revised) deal will turn up. On March 28th at 23:59 a letter by the British Government will arrive in the EU comissions mail box stating that they withdraw their Brexit intentions. And it was all much a do about nothing. Because the opposite is a No-deal Brexit resulting in a supply-crisis. Empty shelves, recession, all consequences attached. Thank your politicians for leading you into that quagmire, they've been promising you garden Eden outside the EU. When it's obvious UK could have helped put up pressure on reforming the (undemocratic) institutions from within, instead doing nothing from the outside.

  3. I have been following the Brexit discussion with interest, however, why did Cameron require a referendum to stay in or leave in the first place? As I remember,
    there was no referendum on whether or not to join the EC. Greetings from a Brit residing in the USA.

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  5. Load of bollocks. They did not say anything about a deal or let the public have any say in the "deal".
    See what happens when you let Tory women into No.10.
    The Government does not represent the public.

  6. How come some one remainer lead Brexit …that never work out and that is why we watch this joke mess ..
    You can not achieve the goal if you do not believe it all that just illusion silly bloody show

  7. This blogger is hoping for a revote referendum, for the UK
    to ‘remain’ in the EU, the stakes are just too high if she votes to leave,
    since Labor, or anyone else for that matter, has failed to come up with a reasonable,
    make that, better alternative.  

    If the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, it will
    weaken it, other states may choose to follow, will then lead to armed borders
    once again, trespassers may be shot, leading to another European war, much like
    the two before.

  8. The MPs will vote against the ‘deal’. . . . The remain MPs will try and wrest control to prevent a no deal Brexit. . . .

    No Brexit = constitutional crisis in parliament. Severe lack of trust in political system by population. Possible riots. UK seen as tyrannical banana republic by other nations for defying the legitimate will of the people resulting in severe damage on world stage. The voice of the UK government will not be taken seriously but looked upon as tyrants, liars and untrustworthy. If the UK gov can’t be trusted by its people, why would anyone else trust it. . . . And subsequent moves to reintegrate into the EU would result most likely in adoption of Euro as a clause, and major concessions being given. UK then the laughing stock of the world for spending years and billions to avoid the people’s vote. . Division between leave and remain groups will increase as demands for leave increase, with hostility increasing to likely violence between the groups.

    No deal brexit = prophecies of doom from remain camp only to be found not to be the case once implemented. Some issues will occur, but nothing on the scale of the four horsemen of the apocalypse claimed by remain. Within a short time things will settle down, trade deals will be struck and life will go on, other than for the remainers who will likely protest in London for a while shedding tears and rubbing their butholes. The UK will seen to be legitimate on the world stage, but remain MPs will continue to protest, with the likes of the Lib Dems proposing to renter the EU if in power . . . . .

  9. I am Sorry May … tried to push through your own Deal ….
    Not the one you had agreed with the British People…..Not Good Enough …..
    It’s over …..The People have had enough of this…..time to step aside.

  10. It's not Mrs May's deal. It's Brexiters.
    Only Brexiters need it; Remain doesn't. Only Brexiters want it; only they want Brexit. Only Brexiters wanted the re-run of 1975, the two year Brexit Parliament, the two now quit Brexit Sec.s, the ten thousand Brexit bureaucrats, the two year international negotiation, the blank Brexit cheque of taxpayers' money….
    Let's Give Brexiters All the Credit There Is For Their Deal.
    No Brexit, no problem.

  11. Are you aware that the BBC manipulates those little thumbs up on any political comment… They really are a bunch of finger up the bum, old Etonian, manipulative, never to be trusted a-holes. Stop paying for your own establishment indoctrination, stop paying the license fee!

  12. I voted to remain, but if Brexit fails, I will never forgive our political system. Democracy MUST be upheld, no matter which side of the fence we are on. It was a simple vote: Yes or No. The notion that we didn't know what we were voting for is ridiculous; The notion that there were lies is ridiculous in the sense that 'lies' have been a part of political campaigning since the beginning of political campaigning. This one was no different. The British People are used to having to navigate through political spin. Everyone knew what they were doing.

    Make no mistake, people, this is an ATTEMPTED COUP. WAKE UP. Think of the implications for the next generation on this one. The future of Democracy is FAR MORE important even than BREXIT itself. If you consent to YOUR politicians usurping Democracy, then you are opening the floodgates for future Draconian dictatorship. Don't think that because it all appears benign at the moment that a structure in place allowing for malignancy won't be exploited by devious political miscreants in the future. In fact, you may wish to consider that this was the plan all along. If you consent to this then the historic judgement on you by future generations will be that you deserve all you get from any future malignant dictatorships.

  13. 'Treason' May will most definitely resign after the 11th of Dec. after the M.P's vote DOWN her deal, and rightly so on both counts …….. let's get a PROPER Brexiteer in No.10 who has the balls to stick the fingers up at the E.U Parliament and tell them "We're outta' here, deal or no deal ……… the people voted for a 'no strings attached' complete severance from the E.U, so that's what we're doing"!!!!!!!!!

  14. But that's just it though – we WOULDN'T be leaving the E.U next March if the M.P's agree with her 'deal' on the 11th, because her re-tweaked Chequers Deal is cuunningly drawn-up to KEEP us in the E.U ………. and we're going to also lose our sovereignity as well, which we had previously ……… be as well sack all the M.P's and bull-doze the Houses of Parliament, because we won't be needing ANY of them …….. all our laws and orders will come straight from the E.U Parliament!!!!!!!

  15. Brexit was a poorly thought out idea driven by old school superiority complex which no doubt will strike the UK deep and wide adversely. Another Brexit referendum will correct a mistake the UK can't afford at the moment. Brexit was simply a bad idea. How do you leave a bigger market ? For fear of competition instead of working smart ?

  16. Britain in very miserable position whether to be in EU or leave EU. Britain will suffer economic losses if it leaves the EU. Where as India after 70 years of Independence in a good economic condition now.

  17. In 2016 Brexiteers voted for a return to the nineteenth century. All they need now is a time machine to take the entire country back to the economic 'glory days' of Queen Victoria and the British Empire – good luck with that! LMAO.

  18. This is unbelievable. Parliament voted by a large majority to give the people a vote on membership of the Eu. The resulting vote was leave by majority. How can they now say we won't leave. ?

    Where has this ever happened in history. ?

  19. Its not really a question of whether parliament approves of the deal, but more about the ability of the government of the day to manufacture and distribute millions of yellow vests if they do.


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