BBC1 Scotland News Headlines, Weather, Scottish News & Closedown – 1983


16th / 17th August 1983 – The news headlines with John Humphreys, followed by a look at the following evening’s programmes, the weather with Michael Fish, Scottish news weather & football results from the continuity announcer, some transmitter information and finally closedown



  1. A young looking John Humphries! Love the old weather maps and telling you what the weather will be the next day. Unlike the forecasters these days who spend half the time telling you what weather we've just had, then over dramatising what weather we will be getting and getting it wrong.

  2. Same kind of lengthy OOV closedown as seen in Wales and Northern Ireland – big difference here being that whatever's generating the NODDY can't pick out the globe reflection terribly well.

    Announcer-directors were still reading bulletins (in-vision during the day and out-of-vision at closedown) until around 1988. In this case, Robert Logan is in charge.


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