Welcome aboard a $11m luxury yacht – BBC News


Luxury yachts are big business. Nearly 400 were sold around the world last year. BBC’s Aaron Heslehurst takes a tour of a Princess M Class vessel at the Southampton Boat Show. It has 37 miles of cabling, and costs $50,000 to fill with fuel.

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  1. That reporter is retarded.
    ”Built in Plymouth”. Is that supposed to be a good thing? British design and engineering isn’t exactly what comes to mind when you think quality.

  2. I think the there princess Yachts are nice but the name needs to go only because the name princess is associated with a nasty little Leyland car for me I'm looking at a Sunseeker but I have not totally disregarded princess it'll come down to who can build a better boat but I like the British boat manufacturers have a great day Great Britain

  3. 2,600km. Here's the biggest joke of all. Having spent that kind of money, you can't even get to the Caribbean!!!!! (Shortest route Cape Verde to Barbados is 3,800km). To top that, there are trawler cruisers for about $2m with a range of 3,800 nm which won't just get you across the Atlantic, but the Pacific too.

  4. is that why people can't watch regular tv in Briton cause BBC tries to dictate what people can watch by charging them outlandish fees and then using the police to help you steal their property. BBC is a piece of shit communist corporation


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