Venezuela: Mothers giving away babies – BBC News

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Oil-rich Venezuela is facing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, according to the United Nations.

Extreme poverty has jumped 40%, deaths related to child malnutrition are on the rise, and millions have fled the country in the past two years.

Many inside and outside Venezuela blame the policies of socialist President Nicolas Maduro. But his supporters point to the opposition, and also “imperialist forces” outside the country – including the US, which has imposed sanctions.

Mothers and children have been among those hit hardest, as the BBC’s Vladimir Hernandez found when he spent time in the capital, Caracas.

Produced by Herminia Fernandez, filmed by Omar Garcia.

Edited by Kelvin Brown.

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  1. Being a mother to my beautiful young daughter and watching this mother with her beautiful daughter instantly brought tears to my eyes. I wish I can save every child out there. Honestly, if I had the power and finance, I would spend it all helping and saving the innocent who has NOTHING to do with this wicked world. They didn’t ask to be brought here!!

  2. Stuff like this breaks my heart. Wish the media would set some type of foundation up for these ppl as well. The entire world is suffering and not too many ppl are aware. Praying for the world if i cant do anything else. 🙏🏼

  3. Why do they continuously get pregnant? I get they can’t afford birth control or condoms but is there ANY solution to preventing pregnancy. Maybe not having sex. Just seems awful to keep having babies and selling or giving them away.

  4. its jwz propaganda of bbc by jewz media the title misleading and fishy c they want to open the door for kids trafficking paving the way for child kidnapping rings as they did organ harvesting i know how jews work but the 🐑 too stupid to know

  5. Socialism. Other nations in Latin America are going down a similar road. They voted for this and now look.

    A great warning to why more and more people here in the U.S. are leaving the left and #walkingaway from the garbage of Democrats. Stupid social justice warriors actually think such a system works? Look at every area ran by Democrats: Chicago, Detroit, L.A., San Francisco.

  6. Venezuela criss has erupted beyond limit people dying of hunger their on daily basis So many powerful countries around the world can do nothing against the currupt political leaders government etc… This is the place where actually need regime change people looks and care about bueaty they don't care she is starving. Other great nations should take some step before situation explodes and completely out of control

  7. BBC make information occasion for USA’s intervention? Oil of this country make capitalist nervous. Like Irak and Livia before. In fact, casual Americans worry not about this poor people, they worry about prices on them gas station. Like our government worry only for them money, not for us. Plutocracy won in this world. I don’t believe in that tears full video.

  8. Создаётся общественное мнение для вторжения в Венесуэлу? Может просто снять санкции? Или нет, перспектива захвата их нефтяных месторождений будоражит капиталистов. Не снимая ответственности за коррупцию с Мадуро.

  9. Why does everyone care that the girl at the beginning is beautiful? She is, but what if she was ugly?? Stop being so shallow. Like it’s not the point of this video the point is lack of money,education, healthcare and contraception. In fact, even if there was more money, contraception and education should go hand in hand. Most of people even in rich countries like America can not afford to reproduce uncontrollably and have 6-7 babies. The reason the country is so poor is corruption and complete dependency on the oil trade. Unfortunately these cannot be solved overnight.

  10. That girl at the beginning… She's stunning. She would be a fantastic model for advertising. I wonder and hope someone that could give her this opportunity will give it to her. She has the sparkle in her eye and her personality.


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