Train accident on Danish bridge kills six – BBC News


Six people have been killed and 16 injured in a train accident on the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark.
Rail network officials said debris from a freight train – possibly a tarpaulin – hit a commuter train during a heavy storm, forcing it to brake suddenly.
There were 131 passengers and three crew on board.

The debris struck the commuter train – running from Odense to the capital Copenhagen – at about 07:35 local time (06:35 GMT).
Images from the scene show containers on the freight train with their sides torn off.

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  1. I'm from India, I had an online friend I met through an online game who was travelling in that train. The guy I had so many funny moments with, sadly did not survive it. Rest in peace everyone who lost their close ones.

  2. Some parts og the truck/lorry trailer fall off the cargo train trailer, duo to the heavy storm, and on a open bridge on the sea, and hits the other railtrack, and where another passenger train sadly came. He explain not very well, and did not tell what is what.

    Is not important what name the storm had! Storm is a storm.

    And thanks all these sweet people, who comments this, warms me and my people.

  3. Seen yesterday, two long haul commuter trucks were blown over to the sides of the Hwy 15 in So. California, about a mile apart from each other. I don’t know if they were blown – may have skid or other. Seemed like they were blown because I saw 2 of them.

  4. I was preparing to contact the danish embassy from Romania to ask for help so i can perhaps go to a safe hospital in Denmark for treatment or permanent because i don't trust the Romanian hospitals anymore and they come up with this fake news in which they put my numbers again 16 my birthday, 6 the number associated with my looks, 131= 13 and 1 or 1 31 (31 the age of one of my neighbours who was also involved in this international scandal). This is not the first time they do this to me. What should i understand from this?


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