The real women of professional wrestling – BBC News


The hit Netflix show Glow has inspired a new surge in interest in all-female wrestling.
BBC News spent time with some real-life pro wrestlers in London to get the stories behind the somersaults and spandex.
Video Journalist: Mohamed Madi
Additional production: Jeff Celis, Kate Forbes, Kasra Karimi

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  1. WWE is on its way to all female lol. Honestly tho, women's division is where it's at right now. Nobody can throw body language like women can, so it's only going to get better as they get more confident.

  2. people who stand behind such excitement are the same people who burn people faces by acid and never caught, if one crime is recorded in ten years that mean too much. some countries have recorded one only in its life time

  3. Oh, look. The Mainstream is talking about Wrestling without understanding Wrestling because something that wasn't Wrestling but was about wrestling is on, and that's what they watched instead of Wrestling. Must be Sunday.

  4. So much hate in the comments from a nice video promoting something fun. Yes, it's choreographed, but it also takes athleticism to do the moves. There's so much bullshit happening in this world, sometimes we need to see something positive.

  5. A feminist movement wrestling? Why do we need to know its a feminist movement Why not just female wrestling? This is whats wrong with Women they for some reason think anyone cares about ideology and the CraZy LGBQRT++ garbage. Is it entertaining Yes because its Wrestling.
    Also using the catch phrase " Fight Like A Girl " is offensive to women, But only when men use it I guess. What about letting a couple Beta males join your club and allow them the Right to compete at this low lvl of wrestling.

  6. "Come jump in the ring with me." You'd get slaughtered by even the average man.
    You'd have to have a single-digit IQ to believe this "wrestling" is for real. It's about as real as when kids playfight as superheroes.


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