Saleswoman ‘develops a fishy vagina’ after she ‘FORGETS to wash down below’


Saleswoman who thought an STI was causing her ‘fishy vagina’ discovers the foul-smelling discharge is due to her ‘FORGETTING to wash down below’

Alexandra Thompson Senior Health Reporter For Mailonline

A 22-year-old woman developed a foul-smelling discharge as a result of not washing her vagina.

The woman – known only as Nu Nu – admitted to regularly forgetting to wash in her intimate area. 

Nu Nu visited nurse Sarah – of E4’s hit show The Sex Clinic – worried she may have bacterial vaginosis (BV) or an STI due to a ‘fishy smell’ down below. 

The patient, who lives in Surrey, set out to be celibate for a year after deciding ‘men are trash’ and her vagina is ‘precious’ – but lasted just six months. 

Determined to make sure she was ‘clean’, Nu Nu went to Sarah for an STI, but then told the nurse she has had BV before.

Sarah told Nu Nu that BV is not an STI but can be triggered by having sex without a condom, adding a fishy odour is a common symptom. 

Nu Nu – whose STI test came back clear – admitted poor genital hygiene has triggered her BV before.  

Nu Nu  – who sells hair extensions online – visited the clinic worried she may have an STI after having unprotected sex with two men in two days about a month ago.

She hoped to go a year without intercourse after being left heartbroken by someone who she thought was her ‘soulmate’.

Despite her best efforts, her ‘vagina couldn’t take it anymore’. 

Nu Nu claims one of the men she had sex with was a ‘stranger’ who removed the condom during intercourse. 

She also thought her fishy-smelling discharge could be BV, after experiencing similar symptoms in the past. 

Sarah told Nu Nu BV is not considered an STI but not wearing a condom during intercourse can trigger the condition.

The nurse went on to explain the symptoms, starting with a fishy odour. 

‘That’s how I know I [have] it because of the fishy smell,’ Nu Nu said.

‘And also [I get it] when I forget to wash my vagina.’ 

A clearly baffled Sarah asks: ‘How can you forget to wash your vagina?’

To which Nu Nu had no response other than ‘yeah I know, it’s terrible’. 

But she added she rarely forgets not to wash down below after learning it triggers her BV. 

She also claims she has to ‘pee’ after sex in order to avoid the condition. 

Sarah agreed urinating after intercourse helps to prevent BV, and encouraged Nu Nu to wash her vagina morning and night. 

The nurse stressed, however, the vagina is ‘self cleansing’ and urged Nu Nu not to use any soap or shower gel on the delicate area. 

Perfumed soaps can affect the delicate bacteria levels and pH of the vagina, which may lead to thrush or irritation.  

Summing up all she learned at the clinic, Nu Nu said: ‘I have to see the text saying you’re safe. 

‘If I ain’t seen that text, we not ‘f****** mate.’ 

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