Can ageing be delayed, stopped or even reversed? BBC News

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Is ageing a disease? One that can be ‘cured’? BBC’s Gabriela Torres meets the self-experimenters and scientists who are trying to dramatically extend our lives.

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  1. We have barely scratched the surface on eternal youth! Like all inventions in life, this is something that we will extend as time passes! It will get beter and beter as time goes on! It is inevitable that we will find the secret to internal youth.

  2. I look 10years younger. I have all my life been using only earphones that i find of good audio quality. Vibrational therapy maybe? I'd bet my favourite band on this answer.

  3. Believe it or not. I was told by my herbalist to drink warm water as a woman to protect the female organs and stay youthful. Drank too much cold water during last vacation. Look pale and washed out afterwards even though I got enough sleep. As soon as I switch back to warm water, I looked better.

  4. I dont want to outlive my love one, cus that will be nothing but lonely life and that's meaningless. I see many old people just say they are ready to accept the death, cus they think they have lived a ripe old age. You know, to live is to enjoy your moment of live with your love ones, your friends, the nature… and time will come and you will accept that.

  5. soul is immortal, not the body. I read a book about St. Don Bosco. He is an Italian Father in church, a teacher for youths and a great Saint. He had lots of spiritual dreams and all of these are approved by the Pope in our church. If you want to be beautiful forever, pls read the following dream.
    Don Bosco had a favourite student named Dominic. One day, he died. He appeared in his teacher's dream. HE looks extremely shiny, handsome and young among others. Don Bosco asked, you are so outstanding! Is here the heaven?" No!," Dominic replied. Heaven is more more more beautiful than here, God send me to appear in yr dream as he wants you can save more youths souls. So, what are the secrets to be so good looking after death? Don Bosco asked. Dominic replied, there are 5 qualities that yr students must prepare to see God.
    1. Love
    2. Obedience
    3. Persistence
    4. Chasisty
    5. Self control
    All of these can be obtained through consistent prayers , receiving communion and just practice.
    Don Bosco said, yes, all of these has already written in bible. But could you tell me why you looked so peaceful when facing serious illness and death?" Sure, my dear teacher, Donmic answered. I prayed every day to ask virgin Mary to stay with me when I was dying. So, she came, protected me and lead me to see God.
    In my church, Dominic is also a saint. I hope everyone turn to God as soon as possible and he would show you the way to look beautiful forever.

  6. We just need to stop the obsession, just love and accept how we are! Humans are always going in this rat wheels of obsessions, is a never ending story!

  7. I Hate the Wrinkles and the Neck Going South but now I Dread the Brain going even More and any other Inner Organs, But would I want to live for Ever NO Not even being Healthy, On Average People Treat each Other Terrible

  8. if we never age we might never die sooooo
    where would the babies go? we already have an over-population problem. so do we introduce the purge or the hunger games?
    it just feels so unethical to me unless it's for EXTERNAL purposes. Would love to never externally age.

  9. Aging is beautiful and very interesting. Don't forget, it's part of the human experience. Embrace aging and enjoy aging. 20 minute mark is when I decided to stop watching because they are misinformed about the human experience.

  10. It can be drastically slowed down with my power soup. Nobody can stop it. But you can look 10 to 15 years younger than you are.

    Lifestyle plays a major part too. Alot of people dont realize smoking, drinking, drugs and poor diet. Can make you look 15 to 25 years older than you actually are.

    Theres alot of ignorance out there. People always say I dont look older than early 40s. When im actually 55.

  11. Some people will want this. Some won’t. I used to volunteer with the elderly for years I will never forget a woman of whom I spent a great deal of time. She was 97 years old. Fit and still of sound mind. She’d take a puff of her cigarette and tell me, “God is cruel. Everyday I wake up is like a cruel laugh to the face. My time on this earth is over. I’ve done everything and I’m ready to go now.”
    I’m serious everyday I’d see her she wished she were dead because she felt as though her life was complete and there was nothing more for her to do. She’d tell me all these wonderful stories of her life experiences. She’d tell me she lived a fulfilling life. Some people come to a point in their lives in which they feel as though they have lived a fulfilling life and they just want to go.
    In my own observation those who feel unfulfilled always wish for more time to be fulfilled.
    Nothing is wrong with either. Just an interesting observation.

  12. Eh…..I don't know..I'm not a scientist, but its pretty evident that those diseases that goes mostly to ageing e.g. Parkinsons, Alzeihmers are all Brain induced right? I never heard them tackle the brain sector. Brains too also age right?

  13. not to be funny but that lady saying life is great we want to live forever must burn, this is what weak people have been doing and keep doing, the whole reason why the world is going to shit, is people like her to are too scared to die with dignity

  14. How unrealistic, theres no immortality, pple die young some even without being sick in their sleep,may b car crash etc, the only thing u can wish for &try to achieve is have a healthy life while still alive. HEALTH


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